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  • Client Meeting

    An introductory meeting with a Regen2Energy representative will give you all the information you’ll need in order to make an informed decision. From guidelines to where and how we can impact your bottom line, you’ll get all the information you need to make the decision making process easier!

  • Lighting System Audit

    The all-important first step in a lighting retrofit is the system audit. This information-gathering process produces a comprehensive overview of your entire lighting infrastructure, with an emphasis on the areas within your facility that are having a negative impact on your bottom line and should be upgraded.

  • Project Analysis & Design

    With the data we’ve collected from the lighting system audit, we design a project specifically to meet your needs with the goal of finding the appropriate balance between energy savings, capital investment, light levels and light quality.

  • Proposal Presentation

    The proposal is presented to you and your organization. We walk you through the process step-by-step, from the initial meetings with contractors through to the post-installation inspections. We encourage questions and make any adjustments per the request of the client.

  • Energy Savings & Light Verification Tests

    In order to offer you peace of mind, Regen2Energy conducts several energy savings & light verification tests designed to show what you can expect to save space by space within your facility.

  • Construction Audit

    Before the construction team comes in to do work, we audit your facility a second time. This audit is designed to identify any potential construction-related conflicts that could impact the cost of the project and verifies any and all last-minute changes to the original project design.

  • Project Installation

    The project is executed and work begins on your facility. The entire process is geared towards insuring there are no surprises. Project managers will keep you 100% in the know of what’s going on and when. From pre-construction meetings that let you know what areas of your facility will be under development and when – to the continuous reports and updates provided during the installation itself, you’ll know what’s happening at all times.

  • Project completion

    Once the project is finished, we’ll give you a comprehensive walk-through of the facility so you can review the results for yourself. We operate efficiently and cleanly, disposing of material in accordance with all environmental regulations, leaving your facility undisturbed.   In addition, we conduct post-installation inspections with utility representatives to ensure that maximum rebates are realized.

***Receive the maximum benefits available***

Your project may be eligible for incentives, which can cover a substantial portion of the cost of the project. Regen2Energy  obtains the best possible program for your business while insuring you receive a high quality solution that meets your needs. Regen2Energy takes care of all the necessary paperwork and site inspections required for rebate approvals.

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