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Power When You Need It

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You're in the right place! Regen2Energy & Solarpanels4u , was the very first solar companies to offer franchise opportunities. We provide a turnkey program – you don’t even need solar experience to see success.

WHY PARTNER WITH Regen2energy?

The solar industry is growing like never before, but with growth comes consolidation. Independent solar installers are getting squeezed out by larger corporate companies. You’ve come this far; you don’t have to be a small business statistic.

Regen2Energy & Solarpanels4u  can strengthen your solar business.

In an increasingly competitive market, joining a network with several distinct competitive advantages is crucial to your continued success. Joining Regen2Energy grants you access to exclusive brands that only do business with major solar companies and ensures continuous access to equipment.

What’s the biggest competitive advantage Regen2Energy offers?

With the Regen2Energy & Solarpanels4u Franchise program, the benefits far outweigh the costs. We have low capital requirements at startup and provide you with a proven business model that scales. And with a startup time of less than 90 days, your business will quickly regain strength.


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